Our Story

It all started with a song. Brad and Joanie came together for the purpose of love – their love for the Lord, their love for each other, and their love of music. This love grew into their ministry name, Alabaster Grace. The purpose of their ministry is to bring hope and encouragement to individuals, couples and families through song and message.

The name itself has a significance. Alabaster represents our best for God. It refers back to the woman who poured the precious ointment from her alabaster jar on Jesus’ feet and wiped it with her tears. She gave her best for God and worshipped at His feet. Grace is the priceless gift that we do not deserve. Alabaster – our best for God, and Grace – His priceless gift of salvation to us that we do not deserve. 

As licensed ministers, Brad and Joanie have presented their original music both locally and regionally in churches and other venues since 2012. Working together, Brad and Joanie create a wide diverse style of music ranging from tender classical to contemporary Christian, with a number of unique styles in between. Their songs are a launching point for the Lord to do a deeper work in the hearts of the listeners that He sings over His people. 

In addition to their music, they bring spoken messages from the Word of God that are timely and tailor-fitted to their listeners. From providing sermons in churches to offering words of hope and encouragement in other settings, Brad and Joanie prayerfully seek to draw everyone closer to God in their daily faith walk. 

They also provide a free daily devotion, Alabaster Grace Notes, offering scripture-based encouraging words for daily living.  

You can contact them at info@alabastergraceministries.org for more information or booking for ministry opportunities.

I would say that you two show your deep and abiding love of God in your music, and that resonates with me. You have a spirituality that shines and touches me and your audience. ” - Pastor Richard Abbott, Morattico Baptist Church
It is evident Brad and Joan have been developing their musical talents for many years. They create all of their own material. I use the word "create" on purpose, a they are not just merely writing and singing songs; they are creating a worship experience.” - Pastor Keith McMinn, Bethel Baptist Church