God is Our Healer 

O LORD my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me. Psalm 30:2 (ESV) 

These days are unprecedented. We can look back in recent times where we have had daily routines of just coasting along, not really thinking about our mortality. The recent turn of events have changed that. More than ever, we are realizing that we cannot handle every situation without God's help. 

As Christ followers, God is our expert. We can call upon Him at any time to help us. He even sends physical helpers to aid us. Although they may not be able take away the pain, they can take us to the medical staff who can. 

Sometimes we need others to help us get to The Doctor, our heavenly Father. As a country, we need God because we cannot fix our problems, including the current coronavirus pandemic, without Him. He has given us the prescription: to humble ourselves, pray, and turn away from wickedness. And His medicine: He will hear us, forgive and heal us. 

Join us in praying to God: Father, we humble ourselves before You and turn away from the wickedness in our lives. We thank You for hearing our cry, forgiving us and healing us. We pray for our country, our leaders and health care workers who are working so diligently to lessen the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Be with them and guide them in each and every decision that they make. And help us to be a shining beacon that reflects Your love in everything we do. Amen 

"Affliction brings out graces that cannot be seen in a time of health. It is the treading of the grapes that brings out the sweet juices of the vine; so it is affliction that draws forth submission, weanedness from the world, and complete rest in God. Use afflictions while you have them." - Robert Murray McCheyne

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